Is your life running out of control???

Do you need to find the reset button???

I can show you where it is...

Be Naturally Ecstatic

Transform stress, overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion into vibrant health and abundant energy without therapy or medication...


People keep asking...

“ What is the simplest, most effective thing you can share with me, in the shortest amount of learning time and for the smallest amount of money that will actually give me day to day results”.


  • Do you ever wake up feeling unrested, exhausted, in a rush and anxious about the day ahead. 

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed, confused and directionless - like life is just spiralling out of control - there just isn't enough time to fit everything in or enough of you to go around...

  • Do you need fast and effective ways to deal with whatever life throws at you, so you can manage your energy, stress and emotional state?

  • Lung health has become highly important in these times - are you feeling ready to support and be in control of your own health?

  • Do you want to feel more relaxation, more energy to focus your time and vitality, more centred and balanced?

In this course I have brought together simple and powerful practices that :

  • Deeply relax and turn off the stress hormones
  • Create vibrant energy through the body, clearing stagnant mindsets
  • Reset your state in highly charged or emergency situations 
  • Bring the body and mind into clarity and coherence

Would you like your life back - but even better than before?

You’re in the right place...

The Power of Breath

Breath is life, and by bringing more awareness to your breath along with specific techniques, you can transform limiting unconscious breathing habits back to expansive, nourishing conscious breath. 

This has the capacity to change your entire experience of life, day in day out.

When you breathe better, you think clearer, you feel better and your life transforms.


having the tools to be able to respond rather than react to the curve balls life throws us…

A Simple Solution

The Essential Breaths Toolkit is a simple solution to every day challenges. It takes very little time, yet builds the necessary foundations and habits to raise your vibration and consciousness.

  • The entire tuition videos take just over an hour to watch in total
  • Accessing one lesson at a time, gives time to integrate the practice
  • Simple routine and journal
  • Audio downloads of the meditations
  • Access to a private online community group
  • In effect it is a 4 week course with just 10 - 20 minutes of tuition per week
  • A further 42 day guided challenge if you choose to rise to it...

For a limited time the Essential Breaths Toolkit is reduced from $99 to just $39 or £28!

For this you will get a PRICELESS toolkit you can use and refine for the rest of your life. 

I so often hear my students saying they have noticed themselves spontaneously using the breaths when in challenging situations.

Four breath styles

one to deeply relax and turn off the stress hormones, one to create vibrant energy through the body, one to reset your state in highly charged or emergency situations and one used by navy seals to bring the body and mind into clarity and coherence.

What people are saying...

Totally transformational

Kalindi Jordan

" Learning these breathing techniques transformed my experience of overwhelm and anxiety and gave me back the power to respond to situations rather than react to them - they were real game changers"

“If you know the art of breathing you have the strength, wisdom and courage of 10 tigers”

Chinese Proverb

Your Instructor

Founder and Senior Instructor

Pete Warnock

Hi, I’m Pete Warnock, creator of Naturally Ecstatic. I have been healing, teaching and facilitating in the field of personal transformation and awakening since 1992. I have distilled my life’s experience of therapy, training and self practice into some of most powerful tools on the planet for healing and transformation. My work is my passion and has come about through exploring a blend of ancient wisdom, traditional and modern therapies and cutting edge science.

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